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Kinesava Homeowners Association, Inc. (KHAI) is a "planned unit development" (PUD) located in Springdale, Utah.

By vote of the KHAI Board of Directors on March 10, 2012, this website is the authoritative version of these KHAI documents:

Articles of Incorporation


Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R's)

Rules & Standards of Conduct

Minutes of Meetings

2015 Annual Meeting
2013 Annual Meeting
2012 Annual Meeting

2013 Assessment Notice

Address List

Starting in March 2012, previous versions of all documents will be copied to a CD and kept on file with the KHAI secretary whenever a change to any of the documents listed above is made on the website. KHAI is not responsible for defects, software, or hardware failures that might make these copies unreadable.


Roxy Ann Mabbutt
Secretary, KHAI
104 Mukuntuweap Circle, #462
Springdale, UT 84767

(435) 772-0540

Additional Resources

Paul Mailloux, President KHAI

Dan Mabbutt, Vice-President KHAI

Peggy Taylor, Treasurer KHAI

KHAI Board of Directors and Architectural Control Committee

(3 year term)

Paul Mailloux - Chairman - term expires 2014

Doug Alger - term expires 2015

Jeff Carlson  - term expires 2016

Douglas Gregg  - term expires 2014

Gary Hunter - term expires 2015

Roxy Ann Mabbutt - term expires 2015

Peggy Taylor - term expires 2014