What is this site and why you should care …

My name is Dan Mabbutt. I’m a ZiCC person and I created this site as a public service for other ZiCC people. You can reach me at ZiCC@kinesava.com.

You can read everything at this site as a “guest”, but to post replies to articles, you have to have a login account. To post your own article, you have to send it to me. I explain why below.

You can request a login account here.

What’s at this Site

This is a web site where ZiCC people can publish their own articles and others can comment about them. The articles are about Issues, events, comments, and just interesting information about Zion Canyon. This is not a commercial site. No ads will be posted. Nothing will be sold.

I’ll probably write most of the articles, but I welcome guest contributors. Send your articles to me as an attachment to an email message.


Before I created this site, I asked my ZiCC friends what they thought of this idea. A lot of them said something very much like, “People just post trash and arguments on the Internet!” So one of the most important goals of this site is to keep that from happening here. The key to making this a site where you can find positive contributions is “accountability”.

There are two main way that I create accountability.  The first way is the ZiCC “Code of Honor”. I reserve the right to delete comments, but I don’t edit anything. If you have a login account, you can post comments that are displayed immediately.

The most important rule – Rule Number 1

We’re all ZiCC friends here. Treat everyone like a friend.

The rest of the “Code of Honor” can be found here.

The second way I create accountability is to require a login account before you can post comments. Your real name (not an anonymous pseudonym) will be used here. Emails and phone numbers are never given out or displayed by the site, however. I only use them to verify login account requests from ZiCC people.
(Although I might make an effort to verify accounts, if you say you are a ZiCC person,  I’ll probably just take your word for it.)

If you see your name here and you didn’t ask for the account, send me an email immediately.

ZiCC People

Visitors are welcome to read about the ZiCC things we do here, but only ZiCC people will be given login accounts to post comments. Who are ZiCC people? … So glad you asked:

  • People who live above the Hurricane fault in the Virgin River valley (ZiCC home)

… or …

  • People who have a significant interest in the Zion Canyon Community
    • Own a ZiCC business or property (ZiCC interest)
    • Know somebody well who does (ZiCC relationship)
    • Work here (ZiCC job)


Request a login account.

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