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Coming Home to Springdale

Springdale has been welcoming people home for over 150 years. We invite you to submit an essay about how you or someone you know found a welcome here and ‘came home’ to Springdale – whether for the first time, the last time, or some other time or in some other way completely.

We appreciate that ‘coming home’ isn’t strictly a physical experience. You don’t have to leave to have a profound “I’m home” experience. We hope you’ll share your stories with us. We would love to get so many we have to find a publisher! Until then, we’ll print them in the Springdale Town newsletter and put them on display at

Please limit your submission to approximately 500 words. Send to: Fay Cope, Springdale Town Clerk , POB 187, Springdale UT 84767 or email to or

If you have a story but can’t write it down, call Fay at 772-3434.

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