In A Small Town With Big Events, Some Are Tiring Of Tourism

touristSeasonNPR ran a story with the title above recently. You can read the original story here.

Meanwhile, back in Springdale, gateway community to Zion National Park, yet another survey is available asking us what we want our Town to be in the future. In Town Council and Planning Commission meetings, I have heard them say that the first one just didn’t give them the answers they were looking for so I suppose they’ll keep asking until they get the answer they want. (I wrote a report about the first survey that you can read here. A link to the first survey results can be found here.)

The first survey seemed to have at least a few fairly clear messages in it. Big hotel developments got negative results. Small town atmosphere got positive results. My overall summary of the first survey would be, “We want our Town back.” I have long thought the slogan, “Springdale for the people who live here!” makes a lot of sense.

I recognize that the revenue the Town gets from tourism pays for a lot that we enjoy here. Show me another town of fewer than 600 full time residents that can boast several parks, tennis courts, a beautiful community center and town hall and their own police force. But still, not everything in this town should revolve around “what’s good for business”. Some of it should be good for us ordinary “people who live here” too.

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